Run by ghetto folk indie label VLAD (France), Ghetto Folk is a blog about ghetto music and folk music.

ghetto (borrowing from Italian ghetto, from Venetian, ghèto – foundry”)

  • An (often impoverished) area of a city inhabited predominantly by members of a specific nationality, ethnicity or race.
  • An area in which people who are distinguished by sharing something other than ethnicity concentrate or are concentrated. 

folk (adj., from Old English folc)

  • Of or pertaining to the inhabitants of a land, their culture, tradition, or history.
  • Of or pertaining to common people as opposed to ruling classes or elites.
  • Folk music
    • Any genre of music originating from the ethnic community of a specific region, often not recorded, but passed down orally.
    • Contemporary music in the style of traditional folk music.

From: Wikipedia